Do bikers wear rings for fighting?

It is no doubt that biker rings look badass. However, to look organic you need to rock those rings. Therefore, you should know how to wear them, how to complement your outfit, and what style is the best for you.

How Many Rings to Wear

Men are quite conservative as well as men’s fashion. Photos of celebrities or rock stars with rings strung on all fingers look cool, but then they are stars. Although biker culture is the exact opposite of conservative, not many people can afford to be a full-time biker. Many men have quite a regular job where the abundance of rings would look ridiculous. However, you shouldn’t think that you cannot wear anything besides a wedding ring. The unspoken rules allow having 2-3 rings on both hands.

An interesting fact – in most countries, it is customary to wear wedding rings on the ring finger. Some people wear them on the right hand while others on the left one. This is due to the division of Christians into Orthodox and Catholics.

Taking into account the dominant hand, it is believed that the right hand is for work, and the left one is for ornaments. For left-handers, everything is vice versa. This does not impose strict limitations, however, you may accidentally damaging rings on the dominant hand. By the way, in a fight, a punch with a hand decorated with a ring may cause you even more damage than to your opponent. Accordingly, when selecting a biker rings, be guided by a hand you use less actively.

How to Combine Biker Rings with Outfits

Biker jewelry perfectly matches all the elements of biker style. It’s enough just to look at a motorcycle. It is full of metal chrome parts and leather. That’s what bikers wear – leather and metal. Therefore, when you are on a buyer’s rally, it’s enough to simply pick up a wardrobe corresponding to the event and you’ll be fine.

The situation with mundane clothes is a bit trickier. Fortunately, massive biker jewelry goes well with the casual style. If you prefer ordinary dark jeans and a T-shirt or flannel shirt, then biker ornaments won’t look alien. Also, they fit nicely with other jewelry, for example, leather bracelets or silver necklaces. By the way, silver rings will make up an excellent duet with a wallet chain or a silver belt buckle.

It is much harder to fit biker jewelry with business wardrobe. However, there is a small trick – try to combine them with cufflinks, a tie clamp or watch bracelet. Perhaps, you will have to abandon massive rings as they tend to grab all the attention. A better option is to opt for a spinner ring instead. If you still want to introduce elements of your biker nature into the business world, you can complement your look with other ornaments, for instance, with bracelets or necklaces. They can always be hidden under clothing if you are going to an important business event. However, you will always know that they are with you.

The Size a Ring and Fingers’ Shape

When choosing a ring, consider the size of the palm and the shape of your fingers. Modern men’s fashion allows wear jewelry on any finger, including pinkies and thumbs.

If you have thin long fingers it is better to choose wide, but not massive rings. You should pass on large signet rings and rings with a strong texture.

Thick, elegant bands look good on thick short fingers. Wide massive rings will emphasize the specific of such fingers. You should be aware of choosing a ring that is a tad looser. A tightly sitting ring will cut into the finger, which will visually reduce a short phalanx even more. If you have average hand parameters, then you are lucky. You can try on and wear rings of any texture, shape, and size.

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