Care Guide Brass Jewelry

How to Clean Brass Jewelry

Brass is known for its bright luster and golden gleam. When new and cleaned, this metal has a shine as good as gold. However, over time, brass tends to get dull and tarnish and therefore needs to be properly cared for to maintain its look.

Returning brass to its original look is not difficult. Using a few natural household ingredients, you can bring out the shine you want from your brass jewellery.

Brass Cleaning Tips

Brass retains water spots which can create unsightly whitish stains on your jewelry. Always ensure that you have dried brass jewelry thoroughly before wearing or storing to avoid these water stains. Also, when cleaning brass, don’t go against the grain as this can cause scratches.

If you are planning on buying a commercial jewelry cleaner, make sure that it is one that can be used with brass. Check the label for this and if it does not specifically state that it is meant for use with brass, it is best to avoid this.

Finally, take care if your brass jewelry is antique brass and has beautiful patina. The methods described above can damage this antique touch. Use warm water and soap to simply clean the brass jewelry and once rinsed and dried, apply a touch of olive oil across the surface of the piece to retain its shine. You can also opt to buff with a polishing cloth.

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